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How to promote your instagram

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Every person likes Instagram on the social network, the more people see him, the more popular you are. What do you do to increase the number of likes and comments? NumberInstagram users for the year decreased by 33%. This, of course, is not very good news, but Instagram remains one of the most popular social networks among young people.  

If you still want to gain papularity and likes quickly, then use a special application for promotion. There you can collect from 50 free likes on InstagramLater, the researcher increased the number of likes and comments. and shared 4 tips on how to improve the quality of subscriber
1. Use hash tags. At least, 1 hash record is 12% faster than an uncluttered record. If you want to increase the interest of your audience on Instagram, start hashing! A properly used hash tag helps It’s easy for other users to find your images. Insta Network is unique to the most popular hash tags. Try hashtags to suit your audience, however the amount hash words for a single entry should not exceed 5.

How to promote your instagram


2.Learn how to post good posts on each photo. Everyone has a good record. You should be able to contact  the audience. You can ask your petitioners for a petition, ask questions, or even share what you saw. and should not be left to the end of your notes for the audience, because people may not read the entire record.
3. Put your photo on Just In Time. If you put your photo on the go when most of your followers are in network, there will be many more people who will watch. To determine the "active” time of your followers, you should experiment yourself: post a photo every day, when your photo gets more likes and tips - it's time to post your photos.

4. Continue the various contests as part of the Instagram photo conference - interesting and an effective way to gather your audience. If you are doing Instagram, you can easily collect customers using the photo contest. Just ask your teammates to note your 3 friends or write your own hashtags. Your prize is valuable and your instincts should be able to communicate. Additional information: - if you have 1000 subscribers, You can collect up to 37 photos per picture; - if you have 500 people, you will get 19 plows; - If you have more than 5000 and more people, you have the opportunity to collect 185 plows! If you announce your photo from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Mondays, from Monday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., you will have an enlarged view.

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