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Manufacturer Scion officially closes

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After thirteen years of producing cars under the Scion brand, in the direction of youth cars, the company officially announced the closure, transfer all the rights and achievements of the parent company Toyota.

Attempts by the parent company Toyota pick merchantability Scion cars on the market met with failure. According to engineers, the production is oriented to the direction of a youth car. But after removal from the automobile market brand Scion cars will not cease to be marketed.

With Scion history we can recall that it was one of the subsidiaries of Toyota and in fact the company remains as before, except that the manufacturer will change the icon. First of all Scion will be remembered for its reliability for people aged 20-30 years. Sporty look and rigor as integral features of this manufacturer.

So the official closing of the production is planned for August 2016, all models Scion will be replaced by the manufacturer’s logo. On such models as the Scion FR-S, iA, iM and logos will be replaced by Toyota. Well regards tC model, its production ceased in August 2016. Concept Scion C-HR, which was recently presented at the auto show in Los Angeles will also be changed to Toyota, as soon as it begins production. What else Scion will leave after the end of their story?

Twenty-two members of the team are, and they have the opportunity to take new jobs at the headquarters of Toyota Motors in Torrance, California. Regional representatives of the company Scion will disperse to different missions and offices of Toyota.

Amazing configuration in comparison with the prices always aroused excitement among buyers. Of course it is sad news that all the famous manufacturer Scion will no longer exist. Since the beginning of 2003 and the end of 2015 all were sold 1,092,675 Scion vehicles. Therefore, comparing the parent company Toyota car sales under its own brand, I came to the conclusion that from the beginning Scion base was unprofitable company.

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